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wausauloner - Thu Sep 27 2012

11:08 AM #
I'm still relaying info between Pete & various Farm Colony committees. This just in: Toilet paper supplies are adequate. #zompocalypse

12:10 PM #
Here's something interesting: Six wood-gas systems were tested on formerly antique tractors this summer. One design worked particularly well

12:13 PM #
The group working on the project has found enough old tractors and gathered enough parts to convert 19 more machines over the winter.

12:16 PM #
This is good news. Not only will this help out immensely in food production, but it will help us preserve our dwindling fuel supplies.

12:21 PM #
In case you're wondering why the priority is on old tractors, it's because they're simpler machines so they're more easily modified.

12:24 PM #
Some old trucks and some construction equipment have also been tinkered with. We need long-term solutions here in the zompocalypse.