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wausauloner - Sat Sep 29 2012

01:30 PM #
I just relayed a long update to Pete. It was a report from the committee that keeps track of human threats in this zombie-ruled world.

01:33 PM #
If the reports are accurate, most of the fighting between Anon's Rapture's Reapers cult and the Cannibal Gangs is focused on a few towns.

01:36 PM #
The Cannibal Gangs in the Madison/Milwaukee corridor are becoming more bold, counter-punching at Reapers in the surrounding countryside.

01:39 PM #
The Reapers abandoned some of the direct sieges in the northern Cannibal Gang territories. They used the freed forces to finish off others.

01:42 PM #
Now it sounds like the Reapers' priority is stripping everything of value from their defeated foes before migrating south for winter.

01:45 PM #
Their bold end-around move that bypassed the Cannibal Gangs' border forts may have crippled the Cannibals' power, but it didn't finish them.

01:48 PM #
The whole conflict showed how difficult it is to attack well-defended positions without heavy weapons. They're in short supply. #apocalypse