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wausauloner - Sun Sep 30 2012

09:24 AM #
Pete says he's well enough to resume some of his duties, but Sue says no. She won't release me from my Assistant-to-Pete duties, either.

12:52 PM #
The housing committee is proposing three new sites for the Farm Colonies' expanding population. They're subdivisions near farmland.

12:55 PM #
The sites are near the core Farm Colonies, so they're already clear of zombies. The project will require new guard towers and some fencing.

12:58 PM #
The homes are being organized into groups that can share central solar and wind-generated electricity to power water pumps and other basics.

01:01 PM #
Each home will house 12 to 20 people, fewer in summer when they can spread out into the homes that don't have fireplaces or wood furnaces.

01:04 PM #
The housing project will take a lot of work to complete before winter sets in. It's a good project for some of our new arrivals to take on.

01:07 PM #
Pete gave the expansion the go ahead, contingent upon confirmation that the Reapers' annual southward migration begins first. #zombies