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wausauloner - Mon Oct 01 2012

09:06 AM #
With Pete's continued difficulties recovering from the Reaper attempt on his life, I'm not able to investigate the CWA control tower myself…

09:09 AM #
…May and Kurt just stopped by to pick up Shorty. The three of them will check out what's behind the barricaded control tower door. #zombies

11:01 AM #
Report from Kurt and May down at CWA: They broke into the control tower and are dismantling the barricade behind it. They smell decay.

11:03 AM #
Shorty isn't giving them any indication that the smell is coming from a zombie. Nor is there any sign anybody (or thing) is moving inside.

12:10 PM #
The stairway in the tower is blocked at multiple levels. Somebody inside wanted to make sure the zombies outside couldn't get to the top.

03:41 PM #
Kurt & May are at the top of CWA's control tower. They found a body curled up on the floor in a nest of crumpled-up paper, blankets, & coats

03:44 PM #
They say the control room itself shows signs of prolonged habitation. The dead person they found may have been hiding there for weeks.

03:47 PM #
I'm guessing it was a month. I almost froze to death myself in late November of 2009. With some help, I got back to heated shelter. #zombies

04:34 PM #
May has made a discovery: Some of the crumpled-up papers in the dead air traffic controller's nest are part of a hand-written flight log.

04:37 PM #
She and Kurt are gathering up the papers and anything else of interest they can find. I'll sort them between committee reports. #zombies