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wausauloner - Tue Oct 02 2012

08:33 AM #
Going thru a growing "want list" of things scrounger teams need to look for once things get back to what passes for normal around here again

08:36 AM #
Rechargeable batteries…candles…winter clothing…blankets…eyeglasses…toothbrushes…and hundreds of other items we used to take for granted.

08:39 AM #
Well, most of them are easily found in abandoned homes in areas where zombies are plentiful. We just haven't been able to spare scroungers.

08:42 AM #
I've gathered supplies like these myself from countless empty homes. But I'm stuck here as Pete's right-hand man while he recovers.

12:31 PM #
Finally got a chance to look at some of the papers Kurt and May found in the CWA control tower. Most are mundane printouts, on one side.

12:34 PM #
The backs of many sheets have handwritten notes on them. Some are written in precise cursive. Others are scrawled, hard to read.

12:37 PM #
The flight log May found lists aircraft call signs, arrival and departure times, destinations, and other trip details. Most are military.

12:40 PM #
It looks like a lot of flights came in & out of this place on Z-day. These notes must represent those taking place after the power went out.

07:01 PM #
I've been on the radio for hours tonight, talking to some patrols trying to find a reported Reaper infiltration team. False alarm. #zombies

07:04 PM #
It was just a couple of zombies in clothes so grubby they looked like home-made camouflage. Well, I'm glad our people are alert. #zombies