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wausauloner - Fri Oct 05 2012

11:55 AM #
Just finished interviewing some people who say there's an ex-cannibal gang leader posing as a conscript among the latest batch of refugees.

11:58 AM #
All we have is the claims of eyewitnesses, but there are enough of them that we have to confront the individual, then decide our next steps.

02:35 PM #
The Cannibal Gang leader, when confronted with the fact he was recognized, ran. The right precautions weren't taken and he got away.

02:38 PM #
I don't think he'll be trouble for us. He's probably trying to get as far from us as he can, knowing what will happen if he's seen again.

09:53 PM #
Up late sorting papers from CWA. I found another page from the dead flight controller's log from late on Z-Day. It ends halfway down.

09:56 PM #
The last entry is cryptic: No call numbers, origination, or destination listed. The logged arrival time: 0213. Departure: 214. A touch & go.

09:59 PM #
I'm sitting here thinking that plane could have been @ProfPierson's ride out of here. I don't think we'll ever know for sure. #zompocalypse