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wausauloner - Sat Oct 06 2012

08:01 AM #
Pete and I are going over a list of potential new allies that have made contact since he began making his HAM radio addresses. #zompocalypse

08:04 AM #
With the Reapers still out there making travel even more difficult than the zombies alone make it, there's been little follow-up. #zombie

08:07 AM #
At some point there will have to be face-to-face meetings. Either they will send envoys here or we'll send someone to them. I want to do it.

08:10 AM #
Pete wants me to be the guy, too. We are hoping Sue will release him from invalid status (his word, not mine) soon so I can go. #zombies

08:13 AM #
I'd like to leave within the next few days. The growing season is over, so I have more time. I'd like to be done before full winter. #zombie

12:31 PM #
Sue has allowed another person to stay here with Pete and I. The purpose is to help shift more of Pete's duties to another administrator.

12:34 PM #
If this works out, I'll be freed up to handle projects I'm more suited to. I'm eager to help the new guy! #zombie #zombies #zompocalypse

08:31 PM #
Pete is giving Troy, the new guy, some play-by-play as the nightly HAM radio broadcasts by Anon entertain us. I think this will work.