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wausauloner - Sun Oct 07 2012

10:09 AM #
Pete has Troy going over the paperwork the Colonies and our alliance have generated lately. I am to review his decisions, then brief Pete.

10:12 AM #
It's all an effort to let Pete rest and recover while maintaining his leadership. Troy has taken to his role. I think he LIKES paperwork!

11:12 AM #
@suelder Troy has been on Pete's administrative staff since about the time we first met the Fort NTC survivors. This is merely a promotion.

03:41 PM #
A small caravan of refugees arrived at the southern frontier today. They'd had a recent unfortunate encounter with a zombie horde...

03:44 PM #
A young woman with them was bitten by one of the dead things. They brought her along, hoping against hope that we'd developed a cure.

03:47 PM #
The zombie attack happened about 10 hours ago. It was a minor wound, not fatal by itself, but the deadly contagion has already taken hold...

03:50 PM #
A zombie bite takes about 10 hours to kill, a few minutes more to reanimate. There is no cure, of course. #zompocalypse #zombies #zombie

03:53 PM #
The caravan has been put into a quarantine area for the time being. After some goodbyes, they'll take care of their infected friend.

09:01 PM #
There was no propaganda broadcast by Anon tonight. Pete even made a short announcement to lure him out. No reply. #zombies #zompocalypse