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wausauloner - Mon Oct 08 2012

08:17 AM #
Scouts are out checking cranberry bogs. If the fruit is ripe and the areas are clear of Reapers, we'll send out some picking crews. #zombies

12:12 PM #
Reports have been coming in from the scouts we sent to the cranberry bogs. It sounds like the Reapers got to some of the fruit. But not all.

12:15 PM #
A couple of scouts missed their check-in times. That's to be expected with so much travel involved. Our ready response teams are on alert.

12:54 PM #
A late report from one of the cranberry bog scouts: She didn't get to her assigned zone. She found something more pressing to investigate...

12:57 PM #
She followed a small Reaper convoy heading south on I39 to a huge Reaper camp near Plainfield. She describes it as a temporary rally point.

01:00 PM #
The Reapers had patrols out so she had to hightail it out of there, but not before she got a good description of what she saw. #zompocalypse

01:03 PM #
The Reaper vehicles were primarily lined up for travel on the highway. They included many big rigs loaded down with loot and salvage...

01:06 PM #
There were also some flatbeds carrying heavy military gear--mostly Guard humvees, but at least one armored vehicle and an artillery piece!

01:09 PM #
The most important news: The vehicles were lined up heading south. The Reapers' northern raiding campaign season is over--for this year.

07:58 PM #
Ooops. Fat fingers on the old Blackberry. It takes about 20 hours (not 10) for a zombie bite to kill. @summervilleguy

08:10 PM #
It has been a long day. We've been reorganizing work crews. With the Reapers leaving, we don't need to hide behind our defenses. #zombies

08:13 PM #
We're getting out of our defensive posture and going back to scrounging and harvesting operations. We need the food for winter. #zombies

09:09 PM #
.@jer051 Hmmm... I don't know if it is the same place because nobody could tell me the name, but there's a ridge there that I used last year

09:16 PM #
.@jer051 Wish I were going there to check it out, but I am stuck here on admin duty.