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wausauloner - Tue Oct 09 2012

08:00 AM #
We've got people out making sure the Reapers really are leaving for warmer territories. Meanwhile, others are in the nearest cranberry bogs.

08:03 AM #
The harvesters are being accompanied by a larger than normal armed escort. Just in case. There's one more difference from last year: ...

08:06 AM #
...This is strictly a manual labor project. With no time to flood the bogs for harvesting, the crews are using handheld wooden scoops.

08:09 AM #
The scoops were made by Farm Colony carpenters using an old design a scrounger found in an antique store. They're like big "comb-buckets."

12:31 PM #
The cranberry picking crews report that the new (old-fashioned) harvesting combs work well, particularly with the spotty harvest.

12:33 PM #
A lot of fruits have stabilized at lower production levels. Since Z-day, they haven't been irrigated, fertilized, or protected from pests.

04:41 PM #
I'm happy to report that the picking crews have filled a harvesting wagon full of cranberries. No sign of Reapers, few zombies.

04:44 PM #
The picking crews will move on to other dry bogs tomorrow while other teams get to work processing the fruit for our winter stores. #zombies

04:47 PM #
Most of the berries will be dried, though a lot will be used in making pemmican. A small portion will be made into sweet preserves. #zombies