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wausauloner - Wed Oct 10 2012

08:13 AM #
With Troy helping out with more of the administrative workload, Pete wants me to prep a team for some travel around the state before winter.

08:16 AM #
I'm going to meet with some current and potential allies. We all have more to worry about than the zombies, these days.

11:51 AM #
I'd like to take people I'm used to working with on my trip this fall, but Shawn's still missing...Kurt & May have a baby to take care of...

11:54 AM #
...Cal died...and of course, young Jason has school. Well, I have a list of volunteers to choose from. It will all work out. #zompocalypse

04:15 PM #
This trip is going to be a recon in force. I took a lot of risks traveling on my own in the past. This time, the mission is too important.

04:18 PM #
We're going to have a small convoy complete with enough weaponry and stores to deal with zombies and any unfriendly survivors we run into.

04:21 PM #
We won't be looking for trouble, but we want to be able to defend ourselves from Reapers left behind or any other predatory survivors.