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wausauloner - Thu Oct 11 2012

07:55 AM #
My "diplomatic convoy," as we've begun to call it, is being outfitted back at the Farm Colonies. I'm heading there to supervise. #zombies

07:58 AM #
Troy is working with Pete today. Pete, by the way, seems to be doing better these days, even with shrapnel still in his body. #zompocalypse

08:02 AM #
Sue fears that Pete's mobility will remain impaired, even if he makes a full recovery from the Reaper attempt on his life. #zompocalypse

12:10 PM #
My trip preparations have been sidetracked somewhat. I've found myself being a "substitute Pete," making decisions and giving advice...

12:13 PM #
Man...I'm beginning to think this was all a plan on Pete's part...I'm even delegating preparations for my trip to others. #zombie #zombies

04:36 PM #
The teams out picking cranberries in the bogs, several salvage teams, and all our patrols report no sign of Reaper activity. #zompocalypse

08:43 PM #
After a short, unexplained absence, Anon is on the HAM radio again. He's not on the short-ranged frequencies. Just the long-range... Hmm.

09:17 PM #
Between our radio outposts & those of our allies, we've triangulated Anon's signal. He's somewhere east of St. Louis. #zombie #zompocalypse

09:20 PM #
All the repeater frequencies, in fact, originate from the same general area. But is that place a temporary camp or the Reapers' winter HQ?