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wausauloner - Sat Oct 13 2012

10:24 AM #
More refugees have started to arrive at the frontier again, now that the Reapers aren't swarming the areas south and east of here. #zombies

12:42 PM #
Our diplomatic convoy heads out tomorrow. We're only awaiting the results of scouts sent out to all points of the compass... #zompocalypse

12:45 PM #
...They're out there being stealthy, checking to make sure our convoy isn't going to be ambushed by any Reaper leave-behinds.

05:48 PM #
All the scouts are back. One of them was Kurt, checking on the Amherst Enclave that was abandoned to the Reapers. He says they trashed it.

05:51 PM #
Those damn Reapers didn't even bother to have some of their number live at that self-sustaining retreat. They looted it and left.

05:54 PM #
On the bright side, we are glad we don't have a permanent Reaper outpost that close to us, but it's a shame what they did to the place.