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wausauloner - Mon Oct 15 2012

08:37 AM #
Back at the cell phone tower site for a quick update: We finally found one of the hidden supply caches left behind here. It was hard to find

08:40 AM #
The rest were either found by the Reapers or lost to the fires they set. The work crew that came with us is taking the supplies back today.

08:43 AM #
I've got to go catch up with my diplomatic convoy. Next stop: Bear Creek. I made friends there back in 2010, one year after the zombies rose

04:02 PM #
I'm at a cell tower near Bear Creek. Our allies here have fortified the town considerably since clearing it of zombies. So much progress!

04:04 PM #
They've got the entire town secured using a variety of barricading techniques. It is well-protected from zombies, even most human raiders...

04:07 PM #
Unfortunately, there's no way it could keep out a large, organized group. The Reapers have the manpower (and firepower) to brush it aside.

04:10 PM #
I told my friends here of what happened at the Amherst Enclave (and what we just found there). I told them the Reapers will come. Some day.

04:13 PM #
It's only a matter of time. The Reapers were kept busy by their war with the Cannibal Gangs, but the gangs are nearly broken. #zompocalypse

04:16 PM #
Now our alliance is the focus of Anon & his Reapers' anger. They'll come for us next spring. I'm certain of it. Bear Creek is indefensible.

04:19 PM #
I think I made some progress in convincing some of them of the need to relocate within borders we can defend. I will try again tomorrow.