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wausauloner - Tue Oct 16 2012

12:11 PM #
On a break in the discussions at Bear Creek. Some of them are trying to convince the majority that it's a good idea to relocate ASAP.

12:14 PM #
I'm trying to help because there's no force large enough to defend the town from the Reaper army. It's just a shame...they've done so well!

12:17 PM #
I mean, they even have part of the town's old sauerkraut factory running on steam power. They have plenty of seed to keep supplying it, too.

12:20 PM #
Every spare patch of turf in town has been painstakingly cultivated, turning former lawns into small cabbage patches. Tasty, nutritious food

12:23 PM #
In fact, one of the counter-arguments to leaving is that they believe they'll be able to produce far more food than they need next year.

12:26 PM #
It's a powerful argument. That surplus food could help feed our whole alliance--and our new refugees. So many have eaten poorly since Z-day.

12:29 PM #
Unfortunately, this place is too likely to be overrun next year when the Reapers' campaigning season begins again. Time for more talk.