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wausauloner - Wed Oct 17 2012

12:30 PM #
We've made a breakthrough here while talking about the Reapers and their tactics. We were discussing Reaper zombie wagons. #zompocalypse

12:33 PM #
I was telling them about my first encounter with the Reapers and learning about how they use those modified semi-tractor trailer rigs...

12:36 PM #
I described how my traveling companion at the time, a former history teacher named Ellen, said they were like fire ships in the age of sail.

12:39 PM #
Fire ships were old vessels lit aflame and carried by the wind into heavily defended ports in hopes of spreading fires to ships and shore...

12:42 PM #
The Reapers' zombie wagons have pointed armor up front & a load of zombies in back. They're meant to release zombies inside defensive walls.

12:45 PM #
I haven't seen Ellen since she tricked me, giving herself up to let me get away so I could warn others of the Reapers. She may still live.

12:48 PM #
I was talking about some of the history lessons she shared about other wars of the world's past when inspiration hit: Russia in WWII!

12:51 PM #
Back when Russia was being overrun by Nazis, they often left "a scorched earth" behind, leaving the Germans nothing to live off of or loot.

12:54 PM #
But that's not all they did: The Russians actually dismantled and railed entire armament factories to the far east where they were rebuilt.

12:57 PM #
Surely the Bear Creek survivors could do the same thing today! Their sauerkraut factory could be moved to the Farm Colonies! #zompocalypse

01:01 PM #
It will be a challenge, but the idea is taking hold. These brave, inventive people see it as a way to win in a no-win situation. #zombies