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wausauloner - Thu Oct 18 2012

08:20 AM #
To the watchers in the DARPA monitoring station: Please put out a request for volunteers who could help dismantle the factory here...

08:23 AM #
Back before the zombies rose and Fort NTC was Northcentral Technical College, I believe NTC had courses in factory automation systems...

08:26 AM # check with the survivors there, first. There are a couple parts of the factory that will be tricky to dismantle and reconstruct.

08:29 AM #
Acknowledge via HAM radio frequency Bravo using standard code with ETA once you have a team. Monitoring 24/7. #zombie #zombies #zompocalypse

08:32 AM #
For those of you NOT monitoring these tweets at the automated DARPA station, in a world where zombies haven't risen...sorry to be so cryptic

08:35 AM #
They can't tweet back from the station--and we are only using the HAM radios we brought along to receive so we don't give away our position.

08:38 AM #
It is a system that gives each side of our private conversation a way to reach the other--and keeps predatory listeners out of the loop.

04:40 PM #
To the DARPA station monitors: Message received. We will meet the team at the indicated coordinates. Sending back kraut with their escort.

04:43 PM #
We have an agreement and a plan. The Bear Creek survivors will abandon the town, but not what they've built here. #zombie #zompocalypse

04:46 PM #
It looks like they'll spend the winter dismantling equipment and prepping it all for a big convoy to Wausau after the roads clear. #zombie

04:49 PM #
This could be more than a moral victory... Imagine how Anon's followers, needing loot, will react after finding there is none to be had.