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wausauloner - Sat Oct 20 2012

04:45 PM #
Met with some more people I first ran across during my tour of the state back in 2010. I used to call them "the bicycle people." #zombies

04:48 PM #
They're still a mysterious bunch, unwilling to give up specifics on where they live. We held our meeting in the same barn I used in 2010.

04:51 PM #
Back then, they surprised me at a barn where Shorty and I spent the night. We talked briefly before zombies began showing up. #zompocalypse

04:54 PM #
They were wary, worried I might have come from the Fox Valley where numerous contagions thrived after zombies rose & civilization fell

04:57 PM #
This time, there were smiles as they saw that Shorty and I are both still alive--and that what I told them of our rebuilding society is true

05:01 PM #
We've relocated the convoy out into a part of the countryside with fewer zombies around. The "bicycle people" are taking a vote tonight...

05:03 PM #
...On a yes vote, we'll be invited to their base to meet more of their people. #zombie #zombies #apocalypse #zompocalypse