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wausauloner - Sun Oct 21 2012

04:11 PM #
The "bicycle people" (by the way, they think it is funny and appropriate that I use that term for them) did indeed vote for a full meeting.

04:14 PM #
They've asked that I not tweet the location of their hidden home, nor describe it in any detail or reveal their numbers. I have agreed.

04:17 PM #
I will say that they've done some amazing things to make their home safer--both from zombies & predatory survivors. We can learn from them.

04:20 PM #
They've been listening to the HAM radio traffic we, Anon, and others around the world are broadcasting. Otherwise, they're quite isolated.

04:23 PM #
They only made a few radio calls themselves, first moving their radio far away so that they wouldn't give away the location of their base.

04:26 PM #
I spent most of my time today answering questions. I like to think we're pretty informed in Wausau, but it's amazing how little we know.

04:29 PM #
We also talked about sightings of Reapers and Cannibal Gang raiding parties they've made. There weren't many, probably due to the plagues.

04:32 PM #
Most of them think they can remain hidden from the Reapers. They don't want to give up their land or court Reaper attention by joining us.

04:35 PM #
I could have pushed, saying it might take many groups banding together to defeat the Reapers. I didn't think it was the right call.

04:38 PM #
They're simply not ready to join our alliance. My goal here, until circumstances change, is to share info and set up communication channels.

04:41 PM #
To that end, we're setting up some codes & procedures for HAM radio "conversations," as well as pre-set meeting points and emergency plans.

04:44 PM #
I'm also setting up some trades by asking them what they need and giving them our wish list. If we get something regular going...who knows?