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wausauloner - Tue Oct 23 2012

10:12 AM #
We made it safely to Washington Island just before dark yesterday. It took some searching to find a place on the island I can tweet from...

10:15 AM #
The cell antennae at the harbor didn't work so I tried higher ground. There's no tower here at this site, but there must be in your world.

10:18 AM #
We got a look at one of the pirate vessels that we heard now plague Lake Michigan. It watched us board the ferry in Manitowoc. #zompocalypse

10:21 AM #
The ferry is the largest ship in Washington Island's Fleet--nowhere near the size of the lost SS Badger--but easily outclassing the pirate.

10:24 AM #
While it was smaller, the pirate ship was faster, too. The ferry captain didn't try to outrun it. He kept his guns ready as it shadowed us.

10:27 AM #
The pirate ship paced us to starboard as we made our way north. It veered away once we got close to Washington Island. #zompocalypse

10:30 AM #
We're told they don't try anything close to the island. After bloodying their noses in a couple of skirmishes, they've stuck to easier prey.

10:33 AM #
The Washington Island survivors always have a lot of fishing boats out, & even though they're mostly powered by wind, they're armed & agile.

10:36 AM #
When I saw how many ships there are here now, I was surprised. They could really swarm any raider who got close. #zombies #zompocalypse

10:39 AM #
As for our diplomatic mission here, everything's going as expected. We're continuing the process begun this summer. #zombie #zombies

10:42 AM #
I can't tell you how nice it is to be in a place this big that has been cleared of zombies. The islanders work hard to keep it that way.