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wausauloner - Wed Oct 24 2012

11:35 AM #
It's strange, returning to Washington Island. Last time, I was a curious traveler. Now I'm on official business. A diplomat, I guess.

11:38 AM #
People treat me differently. Well, some. Sven and Myrna were just glad to see me again. Their dog, Sugar, reconnected with Shorty, too.

11:41 AM #
I'm making sure I spend time talking with folks like Sven & Myrna as well as the leaders of the survivor groups my diplomatic convoy visits.

11:44 AM #
I think it allows me to get a clearer picture of how each pocket of survivors is doing against the zombies and other hazards we face today.

11:47 AM #
Case in point: Sven told me a recent expedition from Washington Island to mainland Door County went less well than the leaders here implied.

11:50 AM #
I don't think they meant to be deceptive...just trying to look as strong as they could as we negotiate the terms of our alliance. #zombies

11:53 AM #
And that brings me to the main reason we're here: I think the pirate problem on Lake Michigan is getting worse. This place may be in danger.

11:56 AM #
The fishing fleet is now reduced to staying within sight of the island, with occasional organized forays into Green Bay. Too many pirates.

11:59 AM #
The pirates have something else going for them besides numbers: they seem to be pretty good with military tactics...always a step ahead.

12:02 PM #
The rumor is that they have a leader and a boat full of trained men that all came from one military unit that went rogue shortly after Zday.

12:05 PM #
I happen to know of a similar group of men who take their duty more seriously. I think I need to see them and try to even out the sides.

12:08 PM #
I made a promise, so I can't reveal much more. If you have access to my old tweets (unlike those in the DARPA station), you can find out why

12:11 PM #
The discussions here will probably take another day. After that, my team will stay here while Shorty and I take a little side trip. #zombies