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wausauloner - Sun Oct 28 2012

12:01 AM #
When rumors of a meltdown at the plant spread, Captain Dent, the military leader there, decided to use that rumor to their advantage...

12:04 AM #
He put out signs warning about the nonexistent meltdown, as well as automated CB and AM radio messages telling people to keep away...

12:07 AM #
He'd been ordered by Homeland Security to keep the plant secure, and felt the ruse was the best way to keep the crowds (and chaos) at bay.

12:10 AM #
Captain Dent took his orders seriously, even keeping me and my knowledge of the trick confined to the plant for awhile when I discovered it.

12:13 AM #
It took some extreme circumstances (and a solemn promise not to reveal the truth about the plant) to regain my freedom. #zompocalypse

12:16 AM #
Now, news of the plant's existence is out and its safety is in jeopardy. I'm heading to an emergency meeting. More later. But first...

12:19 AM #
...first, we need as many skilled fighters as can be spared prepped and ready to move out tomorrow. And, if all possible, the helicopter.

12:22 AM #
To the watchers in the DARPA station: This is worth waking Pete. Please acknowledge via HAM radio frequency delta using standard code.

09:32 AM #
The emergency meeting just ended. Captain Dent, who came back with me from the Two Rivers plant last night, gave a long, detailed briefing.

09:35 AM #
I'll summarize for the benefit of the watchers in the automated DARPA station--and anyone else reading this in the worlds my tweets reach.

09:38 AM #
About a month ago, Captain Dent's radioman picked up long-awaited new orders from Homeland Security authorities. They were brief and direct.

09:41 AM #
He was to meet up with a team of escorted nuclear science technical specialists from the east, traveling via the Great Lakes. #zompocalypse

09:44 AM #
Dent's team was aware of the recent rash of piracy on Lake Michigan, so they went on a recon mission to the straits of Mackinac...

09:47 AM #
What they found was a problem: Mackinac Island is being used as a base by the predatory survivor group behind all the recent piracy.

09:50 AM #
The "pirates" have the Straits of Mackinac completely under their control. There's no way the technical team the nuke plant needs could pass

09:53 AM #
Dent's boat was discovered and pursued. They thought they got away clean, but a few days later they saw a ship approaching Point Beach.

09:56 AM #
It was a former Coast Guard cutter, the ship commandeered by the rogue ex-military men who'd been giving Washington Island so much trouble.

09:59 AM #
A radio call from the cutter ordered those inside the Point beach power plant to surrender the facility. Dent refused. Some shots were fired

10:03 AM #
There was enough resistance for the cutter to withdraw, but Dent knew he'd only won a temporary victory. The pirates would be back in force.

10:05 AM #
Just when it seemed Dent's long mission to preserve the plant was over, it was all in jeopardy. #zombie #zombies #zompocalypse

10:08 AM #
Dent broke radio silence and sent a message to his Homeland Security superiors. It took hours for their reply: "Proceed as ordered."

10:11 AM #
That was it. Maybe the technical team was out of communication & couldn't be recalled? Requests for extra military assistance were ignored.

10:14 AM #
Regardless, we now know the pirates on Lake Michigan rival the dangers presented by the Reapers, even the zombies that started this madness.

10:17 AM #
The Farm Colonies...Washington Island...all our allies...we've been carving out safe places to live in a zombie-ruled world... #zompocalypse

10:20 AM # everything we've fought so hard for, everything we've taken back from the zombies, is threatened by those who prey upon fellow humans

10:23 AM #
Is this what our future holds? Constant warfare with those who seek to take over what little is left? I say it's time we make a stand.

10:26 AM #
If the pirates were to take the power plant, they'd have a secure, capable base on the mainland. This growing threat must be stopped now!

07:10 PM #
A quick note for the watchers in the DARPA station: the convoy arrived safely at Two Rivers. The helicopter landed here just minutes ago.

07:13 PM #
Seeing the helicopter reminded me how long it has been since this all began...if I remember right, tomorrow is the 3rd anniversary of Zday.