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wausauloner - Mon Oct 29 2012

08:23 AM #
Exactly three years ago, the world woke up to reports that the dead walked, killed, and ate the flesh of the living. Now that's old news.

08:26 AM #
The dead are still out there. Millions of them. Society has collapsed. Some of us have retaken what was ours. Now we must fight to keep it.

08:28 AM #
Our fledgeling alliance of scattered groups of survivors is about to face a serious test. Preparations are being made. I hope they're enough

08:31 AM #
The Washington Island fleet of armed fishing boats, ferries, and other vessels of all kind are keeping Green Bay secure, watching areas east

08:34 AM #
We expect the pirates from Mackinac Island to send a large force past us to take the Two Rivers nuclear power plant. Dent is counting on it.

12:34 PM #
Reports from our boats out on Lake Michigan say it is very, very quiet out there. No sightings of any pirate craft at all. Did we miss them?

12:37 PM #
There was a sighting of a garbage patch of debris floating around about 10 miles SE. The Washington Island people have seen it before...

12:40 PM #
It's made up of flood wreckage, loose docks, and other flotsam--including more than a few zombies--loosely tangled with ropes, nets, & weeds

12:43 PM #
The islanders have gotten used to seeing it around and treat it as a wandering navigation hazard. They try to keep tabs on where it is.

12:46 PM #
There are others out on the water, along with much loose debris. This is the largest by far. The islanders call it "Moby." #zompocalypse

05:24 PM #
A full day without a pirate sighting--the first in a long time. They're definitely up to something. We're keeping boats out all night.

07:11 PM #
A hurricane in NJ causing gale warnings Tuesday in Lake Michigan? Thanks, @jer051, that could be crucial information. I'll alert our boats.

09:31 PM #
Except for a few sturdy craft, we've recalled all our boats. It took awhile to relay the visual signals. We're operating under radio silence

09:34 PM #
There are no weather forecasts here, so if there is indeed rough weather coming from the east like @jer051 says, it could surprise our foes.

11:53 PM #
One of our boats just raced into port with news of a large flotilla made up of boats of all kinds, far off to the east, heading south...

11:56 PM #
They saw the commandeered Coast Guard cutter amongst them. It's got to be the pirates out of Mackinac island, heading for Point Beach.

11:59 PM #
I can't see the flotilla from the high ground here on Washington Island. It's too far or too dark. But I can see clouds coming from the east