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wausauloner - Tue Oct 30 2012

12:02 AM #
Our original plan was for me to relay instructions between here, the monitors & radio crews back in Wausau, & our friends at Point Beach...

12:05 AM #
Those plans are now kaput. The first thing we were going to do was send the Washington Island fleet out a few hours behind the pirates...

12:08 AM #
With the possibility of gale force winds coming soon, there's no way our boats are leaving port. Everything's getting tied down.

12:11 AM #
Maybe this storm will delay the attack. Our forces in and around Point Beach could use some extra time to finish preparations. #zompocalypse

07:13 AM #
The wind and waves are definitely rising. No boats can go out. The chopper can't fly. I'm in waiting mode, hoping to hear a HAM radio report

07:16 AM #
Captain Dent and the others in and around the Point Beach Nuclear Power Plant will break radio silence if something starts happening...

07:19 AM #
The forces from back home are in position, too. Scouts are out watching the coast north and south of Point Beach. I hope we're ready enough.

07:58 AM #
No news yet. Rough water may be delaying the pirate attack on Point Beach. I still have to stay at my post, waiting for things to develop.

08:02 AM #
I guess I'll pass the time by tweeting to my audience on other Earths, places my tweets reach where the zombies never rose...

08:04 AM #
I suppose it sounds crazy if you've come late to my transmissions, but I live in a world where the dead rose and civilization fell...

08:07 AM #
It all started just over three years ago, near my home on Wausau's south side. Town of Rib Mountain, actually. I was out of work...

08:10 AM #
On several occasions while out on early, foggy morning walks with Shorty, my black lab, I noticed a faint green tint to the air...

08:13 AM #
It reminded me of how the sky looks right before a big storm or a tornado. It would fade with the fog. I didn't think much of it at the time

08:16 AM #
But other, stranger things happened. Wildlife began acting funny. There were some unusual episodes of violence in the area. Some deaths...

08:19 AM #
I got a job with a researcher who needed an area hunter to place wildlife cameras & retrieve the memory cards each day. I welcomed the work.

08:22 AM #
He was @ProfPierson, and he said he was looking for evidence of a CWD outbreak in the area. It wasn't quite true, but he couldn't say more.

08:25 AM #
I was curious about the strange animal behavior myself anyway. Well, on the morning of October 29, 2009, the green glow was really bright...

08:28 AM #
That glow, I later learned, was a weakness between worlds. It let the zombie plague into mine, and it's what lets my tweets out to yours...

08:31 AM #
Professor Pierson and I were at the Wilmuth Farm that morning, the scene of one of two outbreaks of the zombie plague. We barely survived...

08:34 AM #
A larger outbreak at the site of a construction accident a few miles up the highway unleashed a wave of dead upon a huge traffic jam...

08:37 AM #
Tens of thousands were killed in the first hours of the plague. Wounded survivors spread the undeath far and wide as they expired and turned

08:40 AM #
Wausau fell quickly. Many other cities near & far developed clusters of the plague. Chaos spread. Transportation stopped. Resources ran out.

08:43 AM #
I survived because I was lucky. The learning curve was steep and if you didn't get lucky at the start you paid for it with your life...

08:46 AM #
I was alone for awhile. Eventually, I met other survivors. Some friendly, some not. A small band hiding atop Rib Mt. became good friends.

08:49 AM #
I made contact with a group living on pontoon boats out on Lake Wausau. And with another group trapped inside the local WalMart...

08:52 AM #
The Rib Mountain group, the Lake Wausau group, and I worked together to help most of those in the WalMart escape a huge zombie horde...

08:55 AM #
A great leader named Pete got all those people out into the countryside where they secured an area now called The Farm Colonies...

08:58 AM #
The Farm Colonies actually became an island of civilization, more or less, in a world ruled by zombies. Things were getting better...

09:02 AM #
Then, in a tour I took of the state one year after the zombies rose, I learned of cannibal gangs to the south, human raiders everywhere...

09:04 AM #
...and, worst of all, a large, powerful, militaristic cult led by a madman named Anon to our southwest. The Rapture's Reapers.

09:07 AM #
Anon used a mix of fear, strength, twisted religious dogma, and control of resources to build the ranks of his nomadic army... #zompocalypse

09:10 AM #
Anon preaches that the zombie plague was the rapture, more or less, and that the undead are our gateway to heaven. Sick, right? There's more

09:13 AM #
The cult's pseudo-religious trappings are horrific: The Reapers leave posed, animate zombie bodies in roadside shrines to mark territory...

09:16 AM #
Their elite hierarchy wield symbolic staffs that look like extended crosses with a barbed hook on top. They're used to "harpoon" zombies...

09:19 AM #
They harpoon & collect zombies for use as shock troops when they attack other survivor groups. They're a threat to what civilization remains

09:22 AM #
The Reapers are in their southern campaigning grounds now. We expect them to return next spring. I'm helping build an alliance against them.

09:25 AM #
Now, that alliance is being tested by another threat, these pirates out of Mackinac Island. They want the Point Beach nuclear power plant.

09:28 AM #
So I'm here, with friends on Washington Island, coordinating a defense of a small outpost separated from us by 100 miles of zombie wasteland

09:31 AM #
...There's a pirate fleet somewhere out on Lake Michigan, preparing to take Point Beach, and there's a gale coming this way... #zompocalypse

09:34 AM #
There's much more I could share...but I suppose if you're getting this you can look up my old tweets. Which reminds me...

09:37 AM #
...If you're reading this then the Anomaly--what we call the "weakness between worlds" that brought us the zombie plague--threatens you, too

09:40 AM #
Watch the sky for a faint green glow...stay alert...get prepared. I hope my tweets can help you if events on your world follow those on mine

09:43 AM #
I lost contact with @ProfPierson. Before we split up, I promised to keep sending out updates. I've kept that promise to this day. #zombies

09:46 AM #
Well, time to change batteries on my trusty old Blackberry. My relief is here so I'm going to try to catch some sleep. #zombie #zompocalypse