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wausauloner - Fri Nov 02 2012

06:05 AM #
We're getting reports from hidden scouts: Small groups of Pirates have come ashore at beaches north and south of the Point Beach nuke plant

06:08 AM #
They landed right where Dent expected, at Two Creeks County Park and Point Beach State Forest. Our scouts have both sites under observation.

06:11 AM #
Scouts at both locations now say they have to go silent for awhile. The Pirates are sweeping the beaches...And not just for zombies.

06:41 AM #
The scout at Two Creeks checked in: many boats of all kinds inbound. Some in bad shape, being towed. All loaded with armed fighters.

06:44 AM #
It sounds like the pirate flotilla took some damage in the gale. They're really committed to this attack. #zombie #zombies #zompocalypse

07:01 AM #
Report from Dent at the plant: Dawn reveals Pirate flotilla, led by the commandeered cutter, approaching from waters east... 20+ big boats

07:31 AM #
The main body of the Pirates' flotilla is taking up position in an arc, cutting off any escape from Point Beach via Lake Michigan...

07:33 AM #
...The Pirates' troops that previously beached north and south of the plant have now moved in by land, finishing the encirclement.

09:13 AM #
There's been no aggressive action on the part of the Pirates since they completed the encirclement of Point Beach Nuclear Power Plant...

09:16 AM #
...It appears they've been content to let those within stew while they clear out all the zombies in the general area. Methodical. Careful...

09:19 AM #
The scout at Two Creeks says the Pirates left 10 fighters behind to guard their boats. That's more than Dent expected. Still manageable.

11:41 AM #
The rogue military men on their commandeered Coast Guard cutter have finally hailed those in the power plant via CB. ...Here we go.

11:44 AM #
The Pirates are "requesting" the plant be turned over to them in return for those inside joining (and being protected by) their group.

11:47 AM #
Dent isn't answering. #zombie #zombies #zompocalypse

12:54 PM #
The Pirates' have changed their tune. They're now saying those inside the power plant have one hour to surrender. Not wasting any time now.

01:55 PM #
The Pirates' deadline has expired. #zombie #zombies #zompocalypse

01:58 PM #
Dent says the landed Pirates have begun using a mortar. They're shelling areas within the plant perimeter, but away from the reactors.

02:12 PM #
The Pirates' commandeered cutter just used a pair of 50 cal MGs to rip up a hidden bunker defending the plant. Damn...they are sharp.

02:15 PM #
Dent had people in that bunker.

02:41 PM #
The cutter hit another hidden bunker. Dent's people are still not responding. He's buying time, getting the other side to show its cards.

02:44 PM #
With little sunlight left, the attack has got to be imminent. Dent has all forces not inside the plant ready to move as soon as it begins.

03:11 PM #
The Pirate forces on land have begun probing the security fence surrounding the plant. They're trying to hit the power lines feeding it.

03:14 PM #
Scratch that...they are ramming the fence at several points using vehicles. They've been using their time ashore well. #zompocalypse

03:17 PM #
This is it...the main assault has begun. Dent's people are making a show of some resistance now. But that's not all that's happening...

03:20 PM #
Dent just gave the signal for our forces from The Farm Colonies, Camp Tesomas, Fort NTC, & UWSP to begin moving from their inland positions.

03:32 PM #
Dent's people in the plant have slackened their fire. The Pirate forces are fully committed now, aggressively moving in on the power plant.

03:38 PM #
Gone to ground, Dent's people aren't presenting themselves as targets. The rank-and-file Pirates think they've got the battle won...

03:41 PM #
Confusion now...The rogue military men on the cutter are trying to get their forces on shore to pull back...they got wind of something...

03:44 PM #
That's it...everything we've planned is happening at once now. I will try to keep up as I hear the calls come in... #zompocalypse

03:47 PM #
A Pirate guard at the state park beachhead got a message out when a Fort NTC unit hit the site. It's ours. No friendly casualties.

03:50 PM #
The Two Creeks beachhead has also been secured. The UWSP contingent lost a man there.

03:53 PM #
Some of the Pirate ships offshore from the plant are heading toward the beachheads. Time for our boats to start moving in...

03:56 PM #
Dent's sniper team has gotten off its first anti-equipment took out the commandeered cutter's twin 50 cal MGs

03:59 PM #
All of Dent's forces inside the plant are now showing their true colors...heavy firepower...discipline...marksmanship...

04:02 PM #
The rogue military men in the cutter must know now that they're dealing with a well-trained & equipped military unit among the PB survivors.

04:05 PM #
Dent's snipers are trying to hit key foes...leaders, drivers, key equipment...The Pirate land forces are attempting a fighting retreat...

04:08 PM #
...They just found out their retreat is cut off. Our main Farm Colonies forces have appeared behind their rear guard...They're trapped...

04:11 PM #
Reports from both beachheads: Washington Island boats have forced the surrender of those first Pirate boats sent to check them out...

04:14 PM #
The main Washington Island fleet is now within sight of the Pirate flotilla offshore from the plant... Dent is on the CB now...

04:17 PM #
...He's calling for the Pirate's surrender... Those ashore are giving up. Some of the boats offshore are putting up white flags...

04:20 PM #
The cutter is turning about, heading east. Time for our last ace... Angie's helicopter is now overflying the plant. Up high, moving fast.

04:23 PM #
The sight of Angie's helicopter is causing more white flags to break out. It doesn't have to have weapons aboard to be intimidating...

04:26 PM #
Angie is circling up high, vectoring our forces into confrontations with those elements of the Pirate force that still haven't given up...

04:29 PM #
The cutter is steaming away... the most capable Washington Island boats are pacing wolves stalking a lone but dangerous bison...

04:35 PM #
The cutter turned on one of the Washington Island boats...rammed it...sunk her...didn't even slow down... It may break away...

04:38 PM #
Angie saw flashes of gunfire...she has to keep her distance from the cutter...But she can stay close enough to keep an eye on it...

04:44 PM #
The cutter is alone now. What's left of the rest of the Pirate force has surrendered. More of our boats are joining the chase...

04:51 PM #
One of our boats has foundered...they hit some debris in the lake. It's Moby, the big garbage patch, moved many miles by the gale...

04:54 PM #
The cutter has rammed another Washington Island boat. We've got to end this. Maybe if the boats leave a gap...

05:53 PM #
Getting dark... but boats are still visible to one another. Angie can still be our eye in the sky...Our boats have been avoiding contact...

06:12 PM #
The cutter has seen the small gap in the screen of boats pacing it...taking the bait...accelerating...

06:33 PM #
The cutter's luminescent wake is dropping...she's slowing down...smoke from the engines...she's fouled her props in Moby!

06:45 PM #
The cutter is dead in the water. Our boats are moving in slow, avoiding hitting any part of the tangle of debris... Gunfire from the cutter!

06:48 PM #
Washington Island's boats are pulling back. Time to wait. We don't have the firepower to force a surrender, even with the cutter immobilized

08:14 PM #
No sign of surrender or of getting under way again from the cutter. Our boats are settling in for a siege. Angie landed the chopper.