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wausauloner - Sat Nov 03 2012

07:55 AM #
We have a stalemate on Lake Michigan. The cutter is immobile, stuck in the debris patch the Washington Islanders call Moby... #zompocalypse

07:58 AM #
Washington Island boats have it surrounded, but they can't get close without getting shot at. The men aboard the cutter are too well-armed.

03:58 PM #
The rogue military men aboard the cutter are staying inside and out of sight. After yesterday, they fear Dent's snipers. They should.

04:01 PM #
Dent did send them in to keep an eye on the cutter's stern. If their props are fouled, the snipers will prevent any attempts to clear them.

04:04 PM #
So the stalemate continues. Darkness, a storm, new arrivals...something might tip the balance. Both sides hope they will be the beneficiary.

04:07 PM #
We have to hope the cutter sustained some damage to her engines when the props fouled. Of course, they could be fixing any damage they have.