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wausauloner - Mon Nov 05 2012

08:25 AM #
We're proceeding with Dent's new plan as soon as the repairs to Point Beach's security fence are complete enough to keep zombies out.

08:28 AM #
The fence won't be electrified again for awhile. A few people can finish that job. We need the rest for more pressing tasks. #zompocalypse

08:31 AM #
First, we've got the rogue military men in their commandeered Coast Guard cutter trapped (and hopefully still disabled) in a debris patch...

08:34 AM #
2nd, we've got the rest of the pirates to deal with back in their base on Mackinac Island. A scout boat says they still control the straits.

08:37 AM #
And 3rd, Dent is supposed to meet up with the nuclear technicians Homeland Security sent in seven days' time. #zombie #zombies #zompocalypse

12:51 PM #
The security fence is back up at the Point Beach Nuclear Power Plant. Most of our forces there are now freed up. Some will remain on guard.

12:54 PM #
Those not needed for defense or guarding prisoners are taking the newly captured Pirate flotilla out to confront the stranded cutter...

12:57 PM #
Dent is hoping a show of force, one that includes the captured boats, will compel the rogue military men to surrender...

01:01 PM #
If they don't give up...well, most of the captured Pirate boats had weapons on them. We may have to use them. #zompocalypse

04:10 PM #
The commandeered cutter, even confronted by an enlarged force that includes the captured ships, still isn't putting up a white flag.

04:13 PM #
Dent wants to capture the cutter, so he's calling for a surrender by dawn. Finally got a reply: Two words, first one is four letters long.