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wausauloner - Tue Nov 06 2012

07:46 AM #
The rogue military men on the cutter didn't respond to the dawn surrender deadline. Dent's sending some specially armored boats in.

08:34 AM #
The boats are still picking their way through the debris clotted around the cutter. No sign of resistance from the stranded vessel.

08:59 AM #
The boats are close to the cutter. Those aboard carefully avoided presenting themselves as targets during the approach. It gets riskier now.

09:25 AM #
There's nobody aboard the cutter!

09:28 AM #
Boarders found essential gear aboard the cutter smashed beyond repair. No sign of those who were aboard. #zompocalypse #zombies #zombie

10:28 AM #
The boarders have searched the tangled mess of debris around the cutter. There are a few animate zombies in it, but none are fresh.

10:31 AM #
Dent thinks the rogue military men abandoned the cutter last night between dusk and moonrise. Probably on small inflatable rafts.

10:34 AM #
The loose cordon of boats around the cutter aren't finding anything out on the water, though the amount of debris is confusing things.

10:37 AM #
Angie is en route in the helicopter to get a bird's-eye view. Those men are dangerous. Letting them get away could come back to haunt us.

11:53 AM #
Very frustrating. Every possible sighting of a raft or small boat the rogues might have escaped on has turned out to be false. #zompocalypse

12:25 PM #
One of our boats is now confirmed missing. The last time anyone can be sure they saw them was yesterday, just before dark. #zompocalypse

12:28 PM #
Dent now thinks the rogue military men might have surprised those aboard that boat early last night, then snuck away before moonrise.

03:32 PM #
Dent has abandoned the search. Someone finally found a sliced up 12-man Coast Guard rubber raft drifting in the water, but that was all.

03:35 PM #
Our boats are regrouping at Washington Island. No time for regrets. We have to move on Mackinac Island before they rebuild their forces.