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wausauloner - Wed Nov 07 2012

07:35 AM #
The fleet us underway. It will first split into two groups and land forces to secure both sides of the Mackinac Bridge. #zompocalypse

04:03 PM #
The Mackinac Bridge is under our control. As Dent suspected, small Pirate forces were stationed on it and on each shore. They surrendered.

04:06 PM #
They were outnumbered and caught unaware. There was no fight in them, and there might not have been anyway even if they weren't surprised.

04:09 PM #
Those Pirates stationed on the bridge were kind of on an island. They don't control any territory beyond it in upper or lower Michigan.

04:12 PM #
We have several dozen prisoners on the bridge. Some of our people will stay there to guard them (and the back door) when the fleet departs.

04:15 PM #
The fleet will head out before dawn tomorrow. Their destination is the main Pirate base: Mackinac Island, a former tourist destination.