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wausauloner - Thu Nov 08 2012

07:15 AM #
Radio call from the fleet: Fishing boat sighted off Mackinac Island. Intercepted broadcast indicates the island is alert to our presence.

07:18 AM #
With surprise no longer an option, Dent is going to try intimidation. He's sailing the whole fleet to within sight of shore. #zompocalypse

07:21 AM #
He's putting the captured pirate ships out in front to let those ashore know their attack flotilla was defeated at Point Beach.

07:24 AM #
They're also out in front for practical reasons: The boats the Pirates used have add-on armor and mounted guns. They're built for fighting.

09:02 AM #
Dent has sailed the fleet in a leisurely arc past the old Grand Hotel to the harbor bay on Mackinac Island. He's keeping a safe distance.

09:10 AM #
Dent reports many ships docked in the harbor. They don't look modded for warfare--or manned, apparently. Probably fishing vessels.

09:41 AM #
Dent says there appears to be a lot of activity on shore. No response yet to radio hails. #zombie #zombies #zompocalypse

10:14 AM #
A single small sailboat is heading out from the Mackinac Island harbor. It's flying a white flag of truce.

11:33 AM #
A man from the sailboat is aboard Dent's flagship. He says he was chosen this morning to speak on behalf of those ashore. They're leaderless

11:36 AM #
He says that the people left on the island are mostly those that were there before another group showed up and took the place over by force.

11:39 AM #
He says there was a portion of that group still on the island until sometime overnight. No one realized they were gone until Dent's arrival.

11:42 AM #
He says the people left ashore will fight to be independent again, and just want to be left alone to make Mackinac Island their own.

11:45 AM #
Dent says the mission to take out the Pirate base is a moot point now, and wants civilian leadership to figure out what we'll do next.

12:34 PM #
I called in to Pete via HAM radio. He conferenced with the other leaders in our alliance of survivor groups. They want me to go to Mackinac.

10:13 PM #
I'm on the south end of Mackinac Bridge near where our fleet is moored. It took awhile to find a good cell antenna site for my mini-anomaly.

10:16 PM #
I'm heading to Mackinac Island in the morning. This will be a more unusual first contact with a group of zompocalypse survivors than usual.

10:19 PM #
I know this could be dangerous, but if there's a chance to end piracy on Lake Michigan without further bloodshed, I have to take it. #zombie

10:22 PM #
It is likely I won't be tweeting while on the island. If things go badly, I don't want anyone there to know I have a way to communicate.