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wausauloner - Tue Nov 13 2012

09:08 AM #
The nuclear techs did not arrive during the night. Dent sent boats out looking for them at dawn. No luck. #zombie #zombies #zompocalypse

09:11 AM #
The Round Island lighthouse is easily visible to survivors on Mackinac Island, so Dent's boats have an audience. I told them why he's there.

09:14 AM #
I suppose I have a little while to share the story of what happened on Mackinac Island on Z-day and in the years since... #zompocalypse

09:17 AM #
On October 29th, 2009, the first day most people saw the dead walking and feeding upon the living, Mackinac Island was quiet, even idyllic.

09:20 AM #
Their summer tourist season behind them, the permanent inhabitants of the island were glued to their TVs like the rest of the world...

09:23 AM #
They watched as the networks rebroadcasted the limited footage available from the local TV stations covering the zombie outbreak...

09:26 AM #
They watched in disbelief as Wausau was overrun by the dead, then in horror as reports of the zombie plague's spread were confirmed...

09:29 AM #
The nationwide travel ban sounded like a good idea to them. But they soon knew it was too late to stop the spread of the zombie contagion...

09:32 AM #
They watched as cities across the country--and soon, the world--became virtual islands as civilian & federal forces enforced the travel ban

09:35 AM #
From the beginning, a few boats per day would show up in the harbor as smart people figured out water would be a barrier to the zombies...

09:38 AM #
There would have been many more boats arriving if the travel ban didn't include port blockades, but some always found a way out.

09:41 AM #
Communication had broken down by the time the cities started to run out of fuel and food. The people on Mackinac Island heard about riots...

09:44 AM #
The zombie outbreaks, even in the protected cities, eventually led to total societal collapse. Suddenly, the floodgates were loose...

09:47 AM #
Refugees swarmed Mackinac Island from mainland Michigan. When the harbor was choked, they used the beaches. Some went to Round & Bois Blanc.

09:50 AM #
No one is sure when the first zombie appeared on Mackinac Island. One could have washed up. A refugee could have been bitten on the mainland

09:53 AM #
It could have started when someone with the latent form of the zombie contagion died from natural causes. There were fights, accidents...

09:56 AM #
In the end, it was probably inevitable that the plague would reach Mackinac Island, just as it did Round Island and Bois Blanc. #zombies

09:59 AM #
By that time, people knew the only way to stop a zombie was to remove the head or destroy the brain. Most people were armed, too...

10:02 AM #
...but the first night of the plague on Mackinac Island struck a refugee tent city in Marquette Park. Hundreds were dead, or undead, by dawn

10:05 AM #
The original inhabitants of the island had made preparations, turning the centuries-old Fort Mackinac back from a tourist site to a fortress

10:08 AM #
The fort's ancient walls were quite effective at keeping the zombies out. Locals & refugees within slowly whittled away at the dead outside.

10:11 AM #
Thousands of refugees who didn't make it into the fort died before the dead could be finished off. But more refugees followed..

10:14 AM #
...and twice more, major outbreaks of the zombie contagion wiped out most of those seeking shelter on the island. It was horrific.

10:17 AM #
The stream of refugees reaching Mackinac Island only slowed to a trickle when...well, when there no cities left to fall to the dead...

10:20 AM #
The first winter after the zombies rose was difficult on Mackinac Island. What would have become a priceless herd of horses was eaten...

10:24 AM #
For a short time, an ice bridge allowed zombies from the Upper Peninsula to walk to Mackinac Island, but they were easily seen & dispatched.

10:27 AM #
The frequent arrival of zombies stumbling up onto a beach from beneath the waves was more difficult to defend against, but they managed...

10:30 AM #
When spring arrived, so did new arrivals: that time, not for the last time, the living presented new challenges to the Mackinac survivors...

10:32 AM #
More on that later. I have to meet with a representative of the POWs we captured at Point Beach. #zombie #zombies #zompocalypse

09:32 PM #
Dent's radioman has been trying to reach his Homeland Security contact without success. No word on the missing nuclear techs. #zompocalypse