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wausauloner - Wed Nov 14 2012

08:29 AM #
Dent is maintaining his vigil at the rendezvous point again today. He is also sending out more boats to look for the missing nuclear techs

08:32 AM #
My meetings with the POWs' representative yesterday went on and on, but I think we resolved some things. Some trials were scheduled, too.

08:35 AM #
Frankly, we're not ready to have those trials yet. I'm meeting with some people from Mackinac Island later to gather more testimony.

08:38 AM #
They're due here soon. Until they arrive, I'll share more of what happened on Mackinac Island since the zombies rose and civilization fell.

08:41 AM #
The ice hadn't been out for long, that first spring after the zombies rose, when a pair of Great Lakes cargo vessels showed up off shore.

08:44 AM #
The ships had been iced-in off Duluth during the winter, where they had become impromptu shelters for people fleeing the zombies ashore.

08:47 AM #
One of the ships was empty. The other had a full load of coal. That fuel kept a lot of people warm and alive that first winter. But not fed.

08:50 AM #
The unthinkable happened on those boats. A crime against humanity we've seen happen far too often in the last several years. #zompocalypse

08:53 AM #
In an obscene play-out of survival-of-the-fittest, only the most ruthless survivors were still aboard those ships when they reached Mackinac

08:56 AM #
The survivors on Mackinac Island didn't know who they were dealing with until they had taken in their new guests. The takeover was quick...

08:59 AM #
The original Mackinac Island survivors found themselves penned up like cattle in the very fort that had kept them protected from the zombies

09:03 AM #
The cannibals from the ships were not aware of secret ways in and out of the fort, however. They paid for that mistake with their lives.

09:05 AM #
Time to guests are here. #zombie #zombies #zompocalypse