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wausauloner - Sat Nov 17 2012

10:57 AM #
During the second summer after the zombies rose, the Mackinac Island survivors made an attempt to clear Bois Blanc Island of the undead.

11:01 AM #
Like Mackinac, Bois Blanc was a destination for refugees fleeing the mainland. The larger Bois Blanc Island didn't fare as well. #zombies

11:03 AM #
Many more refugees reached Bois Blanc. When the zombie plague broke out there, the horde was much larger than could be contained.

11:06 AM #
That, combined with less infrastructure and no final refuge from the zombies like Fort Mackinac, led to the complete loss of the island.

11:09 AM #
The Mackinac Island survivors started the effort by clearing Round Island. That was easy. Progress was much slower on Bois Blanc itself.

11:12 AM #
They could clear a beach or a few adjacent properties, but the mostly wild, heavily wooded interior was impossible to keep clear.

11:15 AM #
They'd get in a line and march inland, putting down every zombie they could find. But they couldn't seal off cleared sections.

11:18 AM #
The effort was abandoned after fatigue led to a few fatalities. #zombie #zombies #zompocalypse

04:11 PM #
I've had to revise the whole itinerary, now that my diplomatic convoy has been sidetracked these past few weeks. #zompocalypse #zombies

04:14 PM #
I've met with only a few of the groups that have responded to The Farm Colonies' HAM radio broadcasts. We've had to deal with some surprises

04:17 PM #
The biggest accomplishment so far: Extending our alliance to Captain Dent, his Marine Special Forces team, and the survivors at Point Beach.

04:20 PM #
We've also cemented our alliance with the Washington Island survivors & ended a major piracy threat on Lake Michigan. #zompocalypse #zombies

04:23 PM #
The big pause now is Dent's vigil. He is waiting off Mackinac Island for the nuclear techs his Homeland Security contact said were coming.

04:26 PM #
The bright spot is the extra time this delay is giving us to form relations with the Mackinac Island survivors, now free from pirate control