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wausauloner - Mon Nov 19 2012

11:25 AM #
The soldiers from Detroit steamed into Mackinac's harbor at the height of the influenza epidemic. The islanders had quarantined themselves.

11:28 AM #
At first, the Mackinac Island survivors thought the sight of men in uniform on a Coast Guard ship meant they were finally being rescued.

11:31 AM #
And the soldiers did, indeed, secure the island from the zombies that had washed up on the island during the influenza epidemic. #zombies

11:34 AM #
The soldiers had the run of the island for awhile. By the time people ventured out from their homes again, there were...changes

11:37 AM #
Most of those who had previously put themselves in charge of the island were named among those who died of the flu. Yes, it was suspicious.

11:40 AM #
The soldiers had burned the bodies of the dead, declaring it a required part of the modified version of martial law they established.

11:43 AM #
The soldiers brought discipline and organization to the island. Non-fighters became farmers, and were relocated away from the port. #zombies

11:46 AM #
The port and the fancier residences around the perimeter of the island were doled out to the soldiers and their allies. #zompocalypse

11:49 AM #
By spring, salvage teams were organized to venture out in search of food, fuel, ammo, and other supplies. Boats were modified for combat.

11:52 AM #
Nobody questioned that at first. Everyone knew the world had become a dangerous place. And for awhile, most efforts did focus on salvage.

11:55 AM #
When an island fishing boat disappeared, however, the soldiers led a strike on another group of survivors that were probably blameless.

11:58 AM #
The "fighting class" were rewarded with the spoils of that conflict. Those who balked became farmers. Other raids followed. #zompocalypse

12:02 PM #
The soldiers always had some transparent justification for the raids. The fighters got used to the loot, being well-fed, and, yes, "winning"