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wausauloner - Tue Nov 20 2012

09:02 AM #
Dent's radioman picked up hints of a transmission last night on one of the frequencies he's tasked with monitoring for Homeland Security...

09:04 AM #
He thinks it might have been the nuclear techs that are now long overdue. None of our allies were able to triangulate the signal.

09:07 AM #
If they broadcast again tonight, we'll be ready. We may be able to get a bearing, even if we can't make out the message. #zompocalypse

09:10 AM #
Back to my tales of what happened on Mackinac Island since the zombies rose and things fell apart. Things changed there this past summer.

09:13 AM #
The renegade soldiers (though nobody knew for sure they were mutineers at that point) had solidified their control of the island...

09:16 AM #
The soldiers led most of the raids using their commandeered Coast Guard cutter. They built a cadre of loyal followers for sensitive missions

09:19 AM #
The divide between these "Elites" and the rest of the island's inhabitants grew. Non-fighters were marginalized, taken advantage of.

09:22 AM #
Soon, they ran out of easy pickings near the island. They started raiding larger targets, like the big survivor group on Washington Island.

09:25 AM #
They hijacked a few fishing and salvage boats, even tried a raid on Washington Island itself. They got their noses bloodied there.

09:28 AM #
At some point, one of their scouts noticed something ashore at the Point Beach Nuclear Power Plant that indicated it might be occupied...

09:31 AM #
Now, I'm just piecing things together from interviews with prisoners we took in the ensuing battle there, but this is what I think happened:

09:34 AM #
I believe the mutineers decided it was time to move on from Mackinac Island, abandoning it for the next in a series of temporary bases.

09:37 AM #
Like other predatory survivor groups we've encountered, they use up the resources of an area, then move on. Like locusts. #zompocalypse

09:40 AM #
Unfortunately for them, the small group inside Point Beach that they thought they could easily overwhelm was led by Dent and his Marines...

09:43 AM #
...and they weren't alone. Our alliance had quite a surprise for them. You saw the rest unfold here, as it happened. #zombies #zompocalypse