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wausauloner - Thu Nov 22 2012

09:48 AM #
Dent checked in. He has made contact with the missing nuclear techs. They are in a house besieged by zombies, a few miles inland. #zombies

09:51 AM #
He says the shore is very dangerous with thick zombie populations. The techs are OK for now, so his team will work their way to them slowly.

09:54 AM #
In the other matter at hand, the POW trials begin today. Each participant in the raid on Point Beach faces the possibility of exile or death

09:57 AM #
Those who the jury decides are less responsible for the piracy and raids will likely be relocated in small groups to other survivor colonies

10:01 AM #
Those individuals will be deemed "2nd chancers," a concept that has taken hold in our post-zompocalypse society. It usually works out OK.

10:03 AM #
Pete, the leader of The Farm Colonies back in Wausau--and our budding alliance with other survivor groups--came up with the concept.

10:06 AM #
While it may seem like our justice system is too forgiving, we think the human race can't afford the alternative. #zombies #zompocalypse