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wausauloner - Fri Nov 23 2012

10:38 AM #
I'm on Mackinac Island, under a cell phone tower that must have a working analog in your world. I'm here to observe the POW trials. #zombies

10:41 AM #
We still have people up on Mackinac Bridge, keeping it secure, but my diplomatic team is now staying on the island. We've earned some trust.

10:44 AM #
Some of the easier POW trials are already complete. A good portion of the rank-and-file foot soldiers were lied to by their superiors...

10:47 AM #
They were obviously remorseful when they learned their attack on Point Beach wasn't a preemptive strike on a pack of cannibals. #zombies

10:50 AM #
Those POWs are getting light sentences--the equivalent of a few weeks of extra chores on the island. #zombie #zombies #zompocalypse