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wausauloner - Tue Nov 27 2012

09:48 AM #
The POW trials are winding down here on Mackinac Island. I'm guessing my diplomatic convoy will help relocate around 40 second-chancers.

09:51 AM #
While we wait for the trials to wrap up, I'm spending time with Dent and the nuclear techs his team rescued. Their recovery is coming along.

09:54 AM #
Mostly, we're letting the techs rest while talking with the sole surviving member of their escort. She was a student in the National Guard.

09:57 AM #
Captain Dent, always the military man, has been quizzing her to try to build a picture of what has happened to U.S. armed forces since Z-day

10:01 AM #
For instance: Whatever happened to Operation Galveston? Tia, the reservist, says it did wipe out hundreds of thousands of zombies...

10:03 AM #
It allowed the Navy ships & a fleet of tankers to top off with fuel (including heating oil Long Island desperately needed)... #zompocalypse

10:06 AM #
...The operation wound down, however, when the easiest oil to retrieve ran out. Of course, the zombies never ran out. More steadily arrived.

10:09 AM #
The refineries and oil reserves were abandoned after just a few weeks. The operation simply cost too much in resources to continue. #zombies

10:12 AM #
Tia doesn't know what happened to the entire US Navy, but a good chunk of it wound up at Long Island. #zombie #zombies #zompocalypse

10:15 AM #
With a finite supply of fuel remaining, most anchored in sheltered bays to be used as command posts in the fight against the undead. #zombie

10:18 AM #
A couple frigates were used for special missions, running up and down the coast. Tia said that grunts like her usually weren't given details

10:21 AM #
Another thing she doesn't know much about: Hawaii, the last known seat of the U.S. government. Satellite communication went down in 2011.