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wausauloner - Thu Nov 29 2012

08:54 AM #
I just spoke with Dent. There's a problem. The nuclear techs' mission wasn't to get Point Beach running at full power, but to shut it down!

08:57 AM #
We just assumed Homeland Security sent those techs here to help... The power that plant puts out, even at low level, has kept people alive.

09:01 AM #
Pete has talked about that plant someday being the key to restoring civilization to all of Wisconsin, after the zombies are gone.

09:03 AM #
The techs are baffled by Dent's reaction to the news. They thought he knew their mission. They've repeated it up and down the east coast.

09:06 AM #
They were told it was to prevent meltdowns and environmental damage beyond what has already happened as a result of the zompocalypse.

04:14 PM #
The final leg of the nuclear techs' journey to Point Beach has been delayed. They and Dent have been talking behind closed doors all day.