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wausauloner - Sun Dec 02 2012

11:03 AM #
I just got word from the Mackinac Island leadership council: The islanders have voted to join our alliance! #zombie #zombies #zompocalypse

11:06 AM #
I think this new leadership council will help the Mackinac Island survivors maintain their independence this time around. They've learned.

11:09 AM #
For example, they've specifically asked that we send more probationary refugees and "second-chancers" their way. #zombies #zompocalypse

11:12 AM #
It's an insightful request. They know that, as an island, they are at less risk to Reaper fifth-columnists gathering intel and slipping away

11:15 AM #
For their part, the Mackinac Islanders get something they desperately need: Enough population to fight off zombie and raider incursions.

11:18 AM #
They're also talking about slowly cleaning Bois Blanc of tens of thousands of zombies they think are on the heavily wooded island. #zombies

11:21 AM #
It may take years to reclaim Bois Blanc Island from the dead. Rotating new arrivals through the job will be a good training system, I think.

11:24 AM #
The Mackinac bridge between upper and lower Michigan will be used for the same purpose. We're returning control of it to Mackinac Island.

11:27 AM #
Some of the modified attack boats that were used by the pirates that had Mackinac Island under their thumb will be returned to the island.

11:30 AM #
The rest will be split between our allies on Washington Island and the survivors at the Point Beach nuclear power plant, at least for now...

11:33 AM #
I say "for now" because I don't know what will happen to that survivor enclave, Dent is trying to get new orders from Homeland Security.

11:36 AM #
The rest of my diplomatic convoy will work out the details here. I have another side trip to take care of before winter takes hold. #zombies

12:13 PM #
@centralwisco Normally my tweets go out through The Anomaly, the weakness between worlds that brought the zombie plague, back in Wausau.

12:15 PM #
@centralwisco When I travel, I have to bring a mini-anomaly with me (long story if you haven't read it) and use my phone under cell towers.

12:16 PM #
@centralwisco The towers don't work, of course, but the mini-anomaly lets my tweets through to their analog in your world.