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wausauloner - Mon Dec 10 2012

08:47 AM #
Winter has arrived, and it is not kidding around. All this snow has both good and bad implications, here in the zompocalypse. #zombies

08:50 AM #
On the one hand, it's easier to follow the meandering tracks zombies leave behind. It makes tracking them down a simple matter. #zombies

08:53 AM #
On the other hand, some zombies (particularly the barely mobile crawlers) don't move much. And since they're cold, snow on them doesn't melt

08:56 AM #
So you really have to watch your step in winter. Every snowy field is a potential minefield of hungry undead.

08:59 AM #
On to other matters. Dent and the nuclear techs have decided not to follow the last orders from their Rockaway Homeland Security contacts.

09:02 AM #
Two reasons: 1) It is very likely Rockaway was overrun by zombies as a result of that hurricane that came through a few weeks ago. #zombie

09:05 AM #
2) Dent cannot confirm any real pre-zompocalypse United States civilian authority still in existence. If any remains, they're radio silent.

09:08 AM #
Dent says he may officially recognize Pete as commander-in-chief as there is no other civilian authority with the status of the colonies...

09:11 AM #
While that decision may be far off, he has asked that Point Beach be granted membership in the alliance Pete leads. This is great news!

09:14 AM #
Now, as to finishing my story about what happened at St. Francis Seminary...I'm afraid that will have to wait. I've got to catch a boat.