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wausauloner - Tue Dec 11 2012

08:01 AM #
I'm on Washington Island where yesterday I reunited with my diplomatic convoy. We're moving on to our next destination: Escanaba. #zombies

08:04 AM #
The Washington Islanders are shuttling our vehicles over on one of their larger ferries. I'm going on the second trip, so I can tweet awhile

08:07 AM #
Now, where was I with the story?...The survivors were telling me what happened at St. Francis Seminary after my first visit two years ago...

08:11 AM #
It took the remaining survivors at St. Francis Seminary almost two years to clear most of the grounds of zombies and repair the outer fence

08:13 AM #
Fixing the fence was a time-consuming task. It had given way at some point after the zombies started overspilling it. #zombie #zompocalypse

08:16 AM #
They spent more time quietly making sure the area on both sides of the fence was clear of zombies than actually working on it.

08:19 AM #
They'd only just completed the task a couple weeks ago. They still haven't completely cleared the sprawling seminary grounds of zombies.

08:22 AM #
With only 62 survivors left--there had once been nearly a thousand--it was still going to be awhile before the place was safe again. #zombie

08:25 AM #
I offered the remaining 62 the chance to relocate to The Farm Colonies west of Wausau. They thought about it, but decided to stay. #zombies

08:28 AM #
They'd fought too hard to reclaim their refuge. I asked if there was anything else I could do to help. I spent a couple days on those tasks.

08:31 AM #
Most of that time was spent taking my boat to storage units up the coast so they could replace their missing fishing boats with new ones.

08:34 AM #
They figure some of their former comrades made it to those boats & took them when the zombies overran the fence. No sign of them since then.

08:37 AM #
With their numbers so diminished, they have bigger concerns, for awhile, than our alliance. They're an unlikely target of raiders, anyway.

08:40 AM #
Before I left them, I did give them the HAM radio I had in the boat. Now they can contact us if they need to, and can monitor other signals.

08:43 AM #
Among the surviving 62 are some of the original seminarians who had been chronicling what they could of what happened since the zombies rose

08:46 AM #
They plan on making use of the HAM radio to continue their mission. When I left the seminary, there was renewed hope among the people there.