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wausauloner - Wed Dec 12 2012

03:42 PM #
I'm about 10 miles west of Escanaba under a cell tower. It's within sight of an old farmhouse we've secured after a hairy couple of days.

03:45 PM #
It turned out to be a hotter landing zone than we expected in Escanaba. Scouts had IDed 3 docks where our vehicles could debark the ferry...

03:48 PM #
We picked the one that was most remote and had the fewest zombies around. Unfortunately, it didn't stay that way. #zombie #zompocalypse

03:51 PM #
By the time the whole convoy was on the dock, all the zombies our advance team had cleared out were replaced (and then some). #apocalypse

03:54 PM #
As per our plan, the advance team had secured the end of the dock because we knew all the noise we had to make would attract more zombies...

03:57 PM #
So, after we lined up all our vehicles (with our biggest truck--sporting a snow plow--up front), we hacked away at the undead horde.

04:01 PM #
We opened the gate to let the zombies in, meeting the surge with a U-shaped welcoming committee of fighters. We put down hundreds of Zs.

04:03 PM #
Some of us pulled zombie bodies away while others kept crushing, puncturing, or lopping off heads. Finally, the zombie crowd thinned...

04:06 PM #
We jumped into our vehicles and smashed our way through the rest of the horde of dead, only to find our path blocked by an old barricade.

04:09 PM #
It was the first of several makeshift walls that humans must have put up when the zombie plague reached Escanaba. None were complete.

04:12 PM #
Fortunately, the walls did create pockets that we could more-or-less clear of zombies long enough to partially dismantle them & move on thru

04:15 PM #
We had to double back a few times due to more permanent blockages and thicker zombie hordes. They shepherded us north and out of the city.

04:18 PM #
With darkness approaching, we cleared the first defensible property we could find and set about securing it. It was time well spent...

04:21 PM #
The extra work paid off. We easily dealt with area zombies that came stumbling over to check out their new neighbors. Most of us slept some.

04:24 PM #
Earlier today, scouts on snowmobiles located this base for us. It's safe, remote. We are going to rest, recharge, reload, & repair for a day