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wausauloner - Thu Dec 13 2012

07:49 AM #
We had a mostly uneventful night. A few zombies approached our perimeter, but Shorty and the other dogs we brought gave us plenty of warning

07:52 AM #
The scouts did a good job picking this location, though we were lucky that this cell tower site is letting my tweets go through. Not all do.

07:55 AM #
When we get back on the road, we'll follow major highways as much as possible to be able to try out other tower sites. #zombie #apocalypse

07:58 AM #
Our next destination is a good distance north and west of here. I'm hoping bad road conditions will make raider ambushes unlikely. #zombies

08:02 AM #
I don't think we'd travel the main roads here if anybody with bad intent expected anyone to be driving on them this time of year...

08:04 AM #
...But all our trucks have plows, our tires have chains, and we'll have snowmobiles scouting out ahead of the main convoy. #zompocalypse

08:07 AM #
Our route will skirt areas where predatory survivor groups are suspected to be. We're more worried about other groups we don't know about.

08:10 AM #
We've heard reports that the U.P. is now home to many splintered militia groups, mostly paranoid anti-government folk, at least before Zday.

08:13 AM #
Now that there is no government to project their fears into, they've become a hazard to other humans just trying to get by. #zompocalypse

03:23 PM #
The truck and the two snowmobiles that needed repairs are fixed. Everyone is well-fed and rested. We're back on the road tomorrow. #zombies