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wausauloner - Sat Dec 15 2012

08:12 AM #
I'm with a small group near the west side of Ishpeming. It took awhile to find another site where my tweets could get out. #zombie #zombies

08:15 AM #
We were supposed to meet up with some local survivors at a rendezvous point to the north last night, but they never showed up. #zompocalypse

08:18 AM #
Most of my team is still there in case the others arrive. We have a secure place where we can wait out the three-day window. #zompocalypse

08:21 AM #
Our journey here revealed just how many people from lower Michigan tried to find safety in the U.P. -- there are abandoned cars everywhere.

08:24 AM #
They sit on the side of the road wherever they ran out of gas. Most have been stripped of anything useful, at least on the main roads.

08:27 AM #
From the number of zombies wandering around, it looks like the refugee-swelled population didn't fare very well here, either. #zompocalypse

08:31 AM #
We saw a few signs of fortified zones here and there along the way. With one exception, they all looked like they were overrun long ago.

08:33 AM #
The outlier was an industrial park near Quinnesec. The people there wanted nothing to do with outsiders, pointing guns at us until we left.

08:36 AM #
Before I head back to the rendezvous point, my diplomatic team has a request for those monitoring these tweets at the DARPA station:

08:39 AM #
They would like to hear news from home on Pete's nightly HAM radio broadcast tonight, if it could be squeezed in. #zombie #apocalypse

08:42 AM #
We'll all be listening. We have to maintain radio silence so we won't be replying in kind, but I can return here to tweet again tomorrow.