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wausauloner - Sun Dec 16 2012

08:04 AM #
Still no sign of the survivors we were supposed to meet. We've been doing some scouting of the area while we wait. #zombies #zompocalypse

08:07 AM #
Initial reports from the scouts say there are fewer zombies the closer they get to Ishpeming--exactly the opposite of what we'd expect.

08:10 AM #
I've sent people to the tops of tall hills, even to the top of a ski jump to get a better look around and get an eye on the town. #zombies

08:13 AM #
It's possible that the survivors we are supposed to meet have cleared out Ishpeming of zombies. If so, they're probably based there.

08:16 AM #
I'll report back after noon with what the scouts learn. By the way, The Hum made hearing the news from back home difficult last night.

08:19 AM #
We were able to hop frequencies to backup channels, though The Hum kept chasing us to new ones. It must be really bad down in Wausau.

12:31 PM #
Our contacts didn't show up at noon. Either they decided they didn't want to meet with us after all or something went wrong. #zompocalypse

12:34 PM #
I'm going to head back to camp. Our scouts are due back soon and I want to hear their reports before we decide to wait around any longer.

03:53 PM #
It looks like the people we were supposed to meet are in trouble. Our scouts saw a crowd of zombies around a stone and brick tower.

03:56 PM #
It will be dark soon, but I've decided we have to act. We're going to try to draw the zombies away from the tower. Survivors must be inside.

06:41 PM #
My entire diplomatic convoy is assembled in the Ishpeming Supervalu parking lot. Our scouts picked this location well... #zombie #apocalypse

06:44 PM #
I'm getting a bar on my Blackberry. The mini-anomaly bucket is in the back of my truck. I didn't expect to be near enough to a cell tower...

06:47 PM #
...but since I am, I'll relay what happens as what we hope is a rescue operation unfolds. Our plan is simple: present ourselves as bait.

06:50 PM #
We're in two groups: Those of us (like me) in hybrid vehicles are going to sit here quietly while the rest try to get the zombies' attention

06:53 PM #
It's hard to see up onto the hill where the zombies have the tower surrounded, but our arrival should already have them heading this way.

06:56 PM #
Everyone is out yelling and making noise, reaching into their trucks to flash headlights and honk horns... ready to jump back in, of course.

06:59 PM #
As soon as we see large number of zombies coming away from the tower, the non-hybrid trucks will slowly lead them away up Bus. Hwy. 28.

07:02 PM #
Once the main body of zombies has been safely lured out of town, the rest of us will quietly sneak around and up to the base of the tower.

07:05 PM #
It is hard to see in the dark, but there are three towers up on the hill. The scouts could only confirm zombies around the easternmost.

07:08 PM #
Whoa... the first zombies to appear came from behind us, not from the direction of the towers. We'll put them down until the numbers grow.

07:11 PM #
Still just a trickle of zombies appearing...and none from the direction of any of the towers. Something isn't right. #zombie #apocalypse

07:14 PM #
Ah, here they come. At lease a few. I'm still uneasy about how this is going. I'm sending a hybrid around to eyeball the tower up close.

07:21 PM #
Wow. Our comm truck turned on its HAM radio so Pete's nightly broadcast from back home could add to the din...The Hum is overwhelming it.

07:29 PM #
The scout is back. She says there are zombies below all three towers, though only a few dozen. Everything around them is a mess.

07:32 PM #
She says there are trampled defenses & many zombie bodies around a compound of mostly old buildings that included the westernmost two towers

07:35 PM #
She saw no sign of life within the compound or in the towers. She thinks there's a hole in the wall of the easternmost tower.

07:38 PM #
She says she got a good look around. The zombies were fixated on the towers or on us, sometimes looking back and forth in indecision.

07:41 PM #
New plan. Our group is large enough to take out the zombies that remain around the towers, even in the dark. Well, we'll have headlights..

08:14 PM #
I'm beneath the eastern tower. All the zombies that were here are down. My team is making sure the area is secure. I have 3 bars.

08:17 PM #
As I'm nowhere near the mini-anomaly in my truck, having cell phone reception in this zombie-ruled world can only mean one thing...

08:20 PM #
...There has to be a mass of anaerobically decomposing zombies nearby, the dead brains networking in the goo to form a new anomaly...

08:23 PM #
I've seen it happen before, once in a sealed fallout shelter, other times when undead bodies piled up into deep enough mounds...

08:26 PM #
We think the first of these anomalies, the one that appeared near Wausau in early fall of 2009, brought the zombie plague here...

08:29 PM #
We do know that The Anomaly (and others that form) create a "weakness between worlds" that let my tweets out to other, zombie-free Earths.

08:32 PM #
The secondary anomalies we've discovered haven't brought any new hazards to our world, though we think it is possible. We have another fear:

08:35 PM #
We think the anomalies are how the zombie plague spreads to other worlds. So...if you are seeing these tweets, your Earth may be in danger.

08:51 PM #
We turned off all our headlights to look for the glow and confirmed our fears: There's a green glow coming from inside the easternmost tower

08:54 PM #
It looks like the glow is coming from a lower level. It's coming up through a square pattern of cracks in the floor of this very old tower.

08:57 PM #
The lower parts of the wall and the floor of the tower are caked with gore...god, this place stinks...some kind of wrecked apparatus here...

09:00 PM #
Zombies have been arriving from all points of the compass since we got here. We have to get clear and come back when we have daylight.