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wausauloner - Mon Dec 17 2012

08:34 AM #
We're back at the overrun survivor compound where, last night, we discovered a secondary anomaly is forming. We know we need to stop it.

08:37 AM #
In the light of day, we can see what this place was. It turns out it was a museum for the iron mining industry, built above an old mine.

08:40 AM #
There was definitely some fighting here, though it looks like part of the perimeter defenses were taken down on purpose. #zompocalypse

08:43 AM #
It looks like the defenders here pulled their easternmost defenses inward, leaving the tower we investigated yesterday outside their fences.

08:46 AM #
As for that tower, it looks like it was set up as a kind of automatic zombie-killing abattoir. The system is ingenious, really... #zombies

08:49 AM #
The wrecked apparatus we saw yesterday was a pair of railings set up like a funnel. Flat pieces of sturdy scrap steel were welded to them...

08:52 AM #
The scrap metal blades were all between 4' and 6' off the floor, which was slanted downward to a counter-weighted trap door...

08:55 AM #
Coming down the wall behind the trap door is an electrical cord and a broken bracket. The cord is attached to a solar panel on the roof...

08:58 AM #
What was on the bottom of the cord, attached to the bracket, must have made noise or shown a light or both, attracting zombies to the trap.

09:03 AM #
It looks like it worked too well, bringing in more zombies than the trap could decapitate and dispose of...though somehow it kept working.

09:30 AM #
Well, that mystery is solved. And it's more bad news. We propped open the trap door and now we can clearly see the green glow is pulsing...

09:33 AM #
The Anomaly in Wausau did something similar about a year and a half ago after a storm, drawing every zombie for miles around toward it.

09:36 AM #
The resulting mound of zombies created a secondary anomaly. We blew it up using a tanker full of gasoline in a struggle that cost many lives

09:39 AM #
Among them was my friend Cal, Pete's right hand man and one of the first live human beings I met after the zombies first overran Wausau.

09:42 AM #
The pulsing anomaly below the tower is still bringing zombies in. No more than we can deal with, but we'd better re-secure this place.

11:55 AM #
Most of the zombies that trickle in here ignore us, head for the tower outside the fence we're repairing, and fall right into the trap.

11:58 AM #
As soon as this fence is solid, I'll put a stop to that. We have to prevent this anomaly from growing any larger than it already is. #zombie

02:51 PM #
The fence is in good order. The scouts I sent out into the city earlier say there are very few zombies still around anyway. #zompocalypse

02:54 PM #
According to a historical marker here, this is the site of the Cliffs Shaft Mine. It opened in 1879 and includes some 65 miles of tunnels...

02:57 PM #
The three towers are headframes built above the openings to the mines. Two are identical and nearly 100 years old. The other, about 65.

03:01 PM #
The two old headframes, including the one used as a zombie trap, are like stubby versions of the Washington Monument. #zombies

03:03 PM #
There's machinery in another building that looks like it has been kept up. Generators, pumps for air and water... We need to restart them!

03:06 PM #
If the machinery was maintained, then it must be for a reason...people must have gone down into the mine for shelter from the zombies!

03:58 PM #
We re-fueled the equipment and restarted it. If there's still somebody alive down in the mine, they know someone up here is providing air.

04:02 PM #
They may have retreated far underground & become trapped by the zombies that poured into this place once the anomaly formed & began pulsing.

04:04 PM #
Now we have two good reasons to go into the mine: to look for survivors and to disrupt the anomaly. First, we have to find a way in.

05:10 PM #
We think we found two ways into the mine, one in each of the non-trap headframes. They're locked from the inside. Nobody answers.

05:16 PM #
We're staying onsite overnight to keep looking and to prevent more undead from going into the trap. We may have to go in that way...

07:11 PM #
The ventilation system doesn't look like a way to get into the mine. It is narrow and steep. Wait...we hear tapping on the metal ducts!

07:14 PM #
Someone down below in the mine is tapping out a message in morse code...our comm guys know it...they're asking for help and who we are...

07:17 PM #
Yes, they are the survivors we were supposed to meet nearby. They've been trapped underground for weeks. Many have died... #zompocalypse

07:20 PM #
They think we can pull them up the ventilation shaft, one at a time, if we can find enough rope & set up a pulley. Finally, some good news!

07:42 PM #
The survivors down below say that they are in a section cut off from the zombies (and possibly other survivors). They're OK, for now.

07:47 PM #
@JustinSteckbaue Sorry...things happening pretty quickly here...I hope I'm making sense...