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wausauloner - Wed Dec 19 2012

03:05 AM #
.@suelder Just woke up from a terrible nightmare...Now I _know_ I needed sleep when we last tweeted to each other...we can't use electricity

03:08 AM #
.@suelder We know from experience that strange things happen to an anomaly when lightning strikes nearby. Too risky to try on the pile.

03:11 AM #
.@suelder But you are right about using oxygen as a weapon. The zombie organism's greatest weakness is how easily it oxidizes...

03:14 AM #
.@suelder That's why any crack or puncture in the skull downs a zombie so quickly. The little wisp of steam is satisfying to see.

03:17 AM #
.@HollywoodHolte I think most of the replies I get are from one world. They're consistent in ways that are hard to describe but easy to see.

03:20 AM #
.@HollywoodHolte However, the secondary anomaly in the hold of the S.S. Badger created a weakness to a world where people tweeted in French.

03:23 AM #
.@HollywoodHolte Sometimes, when I take my mini-anomaly bucket near a cell tower, I get tweets from that place or one of several others...

03:26 AM #
.@HollywoodHolte I'm usually connected to the same place, the same people. I worry that you all might be facing what we have here, some day.

03:29 AM #
I think I've finally gotten that nightmare out of my system. Time to do some guard duty. No tweeting for a bit. I need my night vision.

07:52 AM #
We've blocked the trap and propped open the lid to let air into the pit. No more zombies are going in from up here. Down below...who knows?

07:55 AM #
Keeping the lid open might help reduce anaerobic decomp down there, at least at the top of the pile. It's a start. #zombie #apocalypse

08:38 AM #
.@HollywoodHolte 12/21/2012, right? We heard that date here, too, among other predictions. Always wrong. Nobody got our apocalypse right.

08:39 AM #
.@HollywoodHolte I sincerely hope what's happening here doesn't mean the zombie plague will begin on your world in two days. Be on guard.

08:42 AM #
.@nitroy2k Can't. I have no Internet access via the anomaly. I can only send and receive texts through a Twitter service on the other side.

09:12 AM #
.@RyanDIngraham Yes, and they desperately want to know the results. There's a microscope in the museum. We'll look for syringes later.

09:15 AM #
We've decided we have to go into the mine to be able to reach more survivors and to disrupt the anomaly forming under the eastern headframe.

09:18 AM #
With the entrances in the other two headframes bolted closed from inside, the only way in is the main ventilation shaft. #zompocalypse

09:21 AM #
The 23 survivors we've pulled out so far have been able to tell us a lot about the mine's layout and where more survivors might be. #zombies

09:24 AM #
A few of us plan on going down a few levels via the ventilation shaft, cutting our way out, then coming back up to open up a main door.

09:27 AM #
Two locals, myself, and three others with experience disrupting anomalies are going down. We're all experienced zombie-fighters, of course.

09:33 AM #
@JustinSteckbaue There have been a few. The one my companions and I faced together was in the debris field left by Wisconsin River flooding.

10:12 AM #
We're geared up and are heading into the mine. I expect I'll have bars, but I won't have the luxury of tweeting for awhile. Wish us luck.

09:01 PM #
Taking a breather. As predicted, the nearby anomaly is letting my tweets get out. I'm 60 feet underground and I've got 2 bars! #zompocalypse

09:04 PM #
The six of us have tried several routes back to the surface. We keep running into areas blocked by many, many zombies. It's slowing us down.

09:07 PM #
Occasionally, we hear distant gunfire. Less often, screams. We haven't found any more survivors yet, but many fresh undead, unfortunately.

09:10 PM #
The way sound echoes around down here, we've decided to use our guns freely unless we're in a large chamber. The zombies can't orient on us.

09:13 PM #
We must have downed hundreds of zombies by now. It would have been more if they didn't seem so distracted by the new anomaly to the east.

09:16 PM #
We've been able to avoid whole packs of them by hiding in the shadows until, more or less predictably, they go by. #zombie #apocalypse

09:19 PM #
We let some go because our guides say there's no way for the zombies to reach the pile forming the anomaly from this side of the mine.

09:22 PM #
It lets us save ammunition & strength. Down here, we have to save our resources for the battles we must fight. There's no shortage of them.

09:25 PM #
It's confusing down here, with all the twisting and turning in the tunnels and the doubling-back we've been doing, even with our maps.

09:28 PM #
Fortunately, the survivors here prepared this place for emergencies with plenty of signs on the walls at every juncture. #zombie #apocalypse

09:31 PM #
Our guides say that if the lights go out (unlikely, with our people keeping the generator going up at the surface), we can follow cables.

09:34 PM #
Time to get going. There's supposed to be a supply cache in a side chamber past where we saw a pack of Zs. The way might be clear by now.

09:51 PM #
We've been checking all these supply caches for survivors. This time, we found some! We now have 9 more people in our group.

09:54 PM #
Twice before, all we found were newly risen zombies. This puzzled our guides. The survivors here know not to let people bitten by Zs turn.

09:57 PM #
Indeed, at one location, we saw signs of mercy killings. Maybe some bite wounds were missed. Well, I'm glad we found some more survivors.

10:45 PM #
We've been working our way to the far west entrance to the mine, figuring there might be fewer zombies there. We found another supply cache.

10:48 PM #
We had a big fight in the passage outside, downing many zombies to get inside. Worth it, because we found 5 more survivors. #zompocalypse

10:51 PM #
This particular cache also contains some long-abandoned, 50-year-old mine safety gear, along with some newer equipment from the parks dept.

10:54 PM #
I'm told the new gear--which includes some air tanks & rebreathers--was required to be on site because the museum applied to be a nat'l park

10:57 PM #
The tanks and rebreathers might come in handy if we have to approach the anomaly...anaerobic decomposition gives off deadly gases. #zombies

11:35 PM #
We're out! We fought our way to the door below the westernmost headframe. Now we can get in and out of the mine a lot easier. #zompocalypse

11:53 PM #
I've received two pieces of bad news since reaching the surface. 1) The anomaly is noticeably brighter. 2) One of the rescued people died.

11:56 PM #
She was an older woman. Though never bitten, she started showing signs of being infected by the zombie plague just after I entered the mine.

11:59 PM #
12 hours later, she was dead and reanimated almost immediately. Could this new anomaly have caused her death? Or the others we found?