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wausauloner - Fri Dec 21 2012

12:01 AM #
...You have to process it, get past the unnatural assault on your sensibilities...Then place each charge deep in the pile's remaining muck.

12:04 AM #
There's a commotion outside.

12:30 AM #
I'm outside the grounds of the mine, looking out over Ishpeming. The fog wasn't playing tricks on our eyes. We weren't seeing ghosts...

12:33 AM #
We were seeing--we ARE seeing--into another world. Faintly, with each pulse of the anomaly behind us... #zombie #zombies #zompocalypse

12:36 AM #
Each time the anomaly pulses, we can see streetlights over the dead city of moving on streets...plows shoveling snow...

12:39 AM #
They wink in and out, there then not-there. I see men talking by a trucks down in the Supervalu parking lot below! I have to warn them!

12:51 AM #
I'm in the Supervalu parking lot. I'm less than a ghost to these men...they can't see nor hear me. My touch goes through them...

12:54 AM #
I can hear a little of what they are saying between pulses...they are talking about the strange green tint of the fog... shit. it's starting

12:57 AM #
They don't think anything of it...I can't make them understand!

01:00 AM #
They're going back into their trucks to finish plowing the parking lot. These are real people from another world...another world in danger.

01:03 AM #
I know they're real. I know I'm not hallucinating. They look happy and healthy and clean, like everyone before the zombies rose...

01:06 AM #
They have real families, real lives, real pursuits and dreams...

01:08 AM #
...I can even read the baseball cap one of them is wearing: "ISHPEMING FOOTBALL - 2012 STATE CHAMPS."

01:11 AM #
There's nothing I can do here. I can only try to stop this new anomaly from reaching criticality and killing this world too. Enough delay.

08:42 AM #
We've set 40 explosive packages in the column of putrefied zombie flesh that contains the networked zombie brains forming the anomaly...

08:44 AM #
We'll set off the charges from up here at the surface of the mine as soon as the Primacord is in the detonator. It's being worked on now.

08:47 AM #
The pulse is even faster than it was last night. Twice per second. We can see more "ghosts" of people from another, unaware Ishpeming.

08:51 AM #
I wonder if they'll notice anything when the explosions go off on this side of the new weakness between worlds the anomaly has created...

08:54 AM #
It should be quite a show...the explosive charges are small, but there are 40 of them. Methane from the decomp will feed the fire...

08:56 AM #
Detonator charged! We're ready to stop the zombie plague from killing another Earth. You'll get to enjoy your championship, Ishpeming!

09:15 AM #
It didn't work. The Primacord went off fine here, the line whipping as the micro-explosion zipped along inside the plastic tubing...

09:18 AM #
But nothing happened down in the mine. There must be a break in the line. We have to go in, lay new Primacord to the explosives & try again.

09:21 AM #
There's not enough Primacord to go all the way down. We only have 300 feet left. #zombie #zombies #zompocalypse

09:24 AM #
We have to go back down and hope the break in the line is less than 300' down. Can anything else go wrong today? #zombie #apocalypse

11:42 AM #
We found the break. More zombies came out from deep in the mine and tripped up the Primacord line, severing it. Lost another fighter here.

11:45 AM #
Sign on the wall says 526 FEET

11:59 AM #
We were drawing lots to see who would stay down here to set off the Primacord when we felt a rumble through the rock...from below?

12:02 PM #
We don't know what caused it, but there may have been a cave-in somewhere further down below. We've decided all of us are continuing on.

12:04 PM #
It may take all of us to clear rubble or find a new path around a blockage to ensure the Primacord isn't broken again. #zombie #zompocalypse

12:51 PM #
We found the cave-in. Currently 670 feet down. We can get around it, and can salvage over a hundred feet of Primacord from above.

12:53 PM #
We've decided to go all the way to the bottom of the pit-trap, reconnect the Primacord we have and get some lateral distance from the pit.

12:56 PM #
Then we'll set it off from...should be about 500 feet away. Maybe we'll survive after all. #zombie #zombies #zompocalypse #apocalypse

01:00 PM #
What's important is, the explosions will happen from the bottom up, doing maximum damage to the zombie macro-organism generating the anomaly

02:02 PM #
The guy who knew Primacord handling best just died, reanimated, and was put down. He knew it was coming. He showed us what we need to know.

02:33 PM #
We're at the bottom of the pit, reconnecting the Primacord. The green glow is now pulsing differently...faster, and now more on than off...

02:36 PM #
The anomaly may be reaching some kind of "critical mass." Just had a terrible thought--will it be self-sustaining? Are we already too late?

02:39 PM #
Almost ready to make a run for it...we'll try to get to the end of the Primacord line before detonation. But if the pulse nears steadying...

02:48 PM #
Pulse near steady. No more time. Charging detonator. Still close. maybe not too. maybe good bye. ready