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wausauloner - Sat Dec 29 2012

09:42 AM #
We've been getting around on snowmobiles since the blizzard. No sense wasting fuel on the plow and our trucks while we recuperate here.

09:45 AM #
The few Ishpeming survivors that remain have been able to provide supplies from the outposts their scattered groups used to live in.

09:48 AM #
When we leave this place, they are going to come with us. Too many bad memories here. #zombie #zombies #zompocalypse #apocalypse

09:51 AM #
Before we go, however, we're all going to to take advantage of the fact that Ishpeming's zombies are gone to gather important supplies.

09:54 AM #
Food, fuel, and ammo will be hard to find (they were depleted before Ishpeming fell to the dead), but there will be other useful scrounge.